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Welcome to the world of Vastu Logos !

Sunil Harlalkaa’s spread of Corporate Vastu, nationally as well as globally, has really been creditable. He has not only spread his remarkable influence of Vastu in business but has also made a quantum leap in the direction of decoding and encoding Corporate Logos.

Mr. Sunil Harlalkaa’s many years of research and mastery has revealed the influence exerted by Vastu, Feng Shui & Numerology over design and re-engineering of Corporate Logos which has swung the fortunes of many companies for the better.

In a manner of speaking, Mr. Sunil Harlalkaa has cracked the colour and design complying to Vastu, Feng Shui & Numerology principles that can make your corporate logo into a wonderful tool for advancing the prospects of your company.

He simply reads a logo design in consonance with Vastu Shastra decoding the logos shape, size and color and the Numerology value of the numbers and text. He understands it is hard to believe, in this day and age of scientific values, but it is true, that logos designed with Vastu insights, do influence prosperity and longevity of a company. The shape and design of the company logo denote ‘performance' and the logo color denotes ‘life'.

From the Vastu angle a bad logo is a weak logo not a badly designed one. By Redesigning or improving the logo design through Vastu, does not mean making it visually or graphically more attractive, smarter or dazzling, it simply means fixing the Vastu and Numerology disharmonies that the logo design is causing to the company’s prospects.

Sunil Harlalkaa analyses, recreates and designs Logos as per Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology. Evaluation is made to assess the strength and potency of the logo to rocket you out of the ordinary and unlock your company fortunes and send you right to the top.

Did you know that Vastu logos could really be the silent lucky mascot for winning over and over again?

Reasons to Design Logos using Vastu, Feng Shui and Numerology Principles

To Bring in Sustainability and Stability
To Invoke Name, Fame & Popularity
To Become a magnet for attracting Success & Prosperity
To make people connect and be more Receptive with the Co,Products & Services
To have Smooth Operations of the company

Sunil Harlalkaa, based in Mumbai, India serves clients across the globe and caters to all kinds of logos - corporate logos, product logos, signature logos, print logos, digital logos et all..

While designing or reengineering a logo, Sunil Harlalkaa ensures that there is harmony and the overall logo shape and design is selected as per the Industry, business activity including the location, vision, mission, objective and purpose

The overall look and feel of the logo is as per your taste and preference including corporate, traditional, conservative feel to modern, international, smart and dazzling looks.

The highlight is whether the logo is just a graphical symbol of your corporation’s aspirations and fulfillment OR is it your silent mascot for winning every time

Vastu Logos services includes :

100 % Free Logo Consultation
Vastu Shastra Certified Logo Design
Redesigning & Modification of Existing Logo
Logo Design, Colour, Text and Numbers Analyzed
Evaluating Harmony & Balance in the Logo
Selection of best New Logo Designs created by you
Tag and Business Line Creation
Existing Logo Appraisal ,Evaluation & Assessment for creating Fame, Fortune, Success and Prosperity

Contact us today by Email with your requirements at

vastulogos@sunilhassociates.com  or vastulogos@gmail.com
Do visit our new website: www.vastulogos.com for further details


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