Vastu Audit of Vacant Plots


Vastu Assessment of Buildings

Banks for safety & customer experience
Bungalows for good health and harmony
Corporate Offices for progressive work environment
Factories for efficient production and safety
Flats for love, peace and harmony
Farm Houses for relaxation and enjoyment
Hospitals for well being and care
Hotels for customer experiences and growth
Medical Centers for accurate diagnosis and staff attitude
Offices for prosperity and growth
Resorts for safety and experiences
Restaurants for good experience and quality
Retail Shops for quick sales
Schools, Colleges for quality education
Spa & Beauty Salons for satisfying experience
Travel agencies & Tour operators for business growth

The list is ongoing… and we have handled clients in above areas


It is next to impossible nowadays to get Vastu compliant structures. Equally difficult is to make civil changes by demolition and rebuilding.

Hence there is an urgency to rectify Vastu shortcomings with the help of cosmic tools and various methodologies.

Our specialty is to select the most appropriate system and approach which will give the most effective results in the shortest possible time.


Pyramids as PyraVastu Science
Vedic System using Yantras
Crystals as per Crystal Vastu Methodology
Sacred Fire or Havans
Colour Therapy
Music Therapy
Identification & Removal of Negative Energy producing items
Rearrangement of Furniture
Change in usage of an area

Plus many more …

The overall objective being

Enhancing positive energy
Neutralizing negative energy
Transferring energy from one location to another


The natural earth energy is under constant attack. Positive energy areas have become negative. Earlier healthy zones have become toxic zones. The health of human beings, plants, animals including non living things is deteriorating at a very rapid pace.

What Are The Causes?
There are 2 main causes: Manmade and Natural

Some of the manmade causes are

Reconstruction of roads
Building new transport networks including railway lines
Redevelopment of old buildings
Building of new townships
Conversion of agricultural land into industrial zones
Laying of underground communication cables

Some of the natural causes are all below the Earth’s surface are 

Underground Minerals
Dried Water Bed
Crossing of water streams
Friction between earth plates

What We Do : 

Studying your drawing for the presence of Geopathic Stress, if any.
Making the lines or crossings inside your house/office in the drawing itself.
Studying the available overall Cosmic Energy levels in the house/office
Evaluating cosmic energy level in each and every room of your house/office and marking the same in numerical terms in the drawing itself.
Earmarking the positions in the drawing where the remedial gadgets are required to be placed in the house/office.
Our recommendation sheet along with your drawing with our markings will be sent back to you by E mail within 24 Hours of receipt of your payment and drawing.
We also send you a cost estimate sheet for the rectification gadgets with courier charges for reaching the same to your doorsteps by courier.
Should you decide to carry out the recommendations , you may send the payment and the products will be sent to you within 24 Hours of receipt of the payment.s
You can install the gadgets yourself in minutes as indicated in the drawing sent to you and start enjoying the rejuvenated environment around you.
Sending revised energy level report post installation


There are 2 aspects: External Layout & Planning & Internal Building Layout & Planning

The External Layout planning

Includes identifying appropriate location in the whole plot

Main gates
Watchman’s Cabin
Building Location
Open Areas
Garden Areas
Swimming Pool
Parking Areas
Electric Meter room
Water Pump stations
Common Rest rooms
Recycling of Waste Zone
Internal Roads
Club area
Jogging Tracks etc

Underground Placement

Septic Tanks
Water Storage Tanks
Waste Storage Areas

Wrong location can result in ill health of residents, financial losses, fire, theft, spoilage of equipments, cracks in building, accidents and many unwarranted happenings.

Builders, Developers, Architects, Landscape Designers find these services very useful at the planning stage of a Project

Vastu for Smart Cities is our latest service offered by us wherein the entire City planning can be done.


Every area of the house or work place is dominated by a specific element – wood, fire, metal, earth, water.

To harness these 5 natural elements in our life Vastu Shastra advocates corresponding colour, shape, design, pattern and layout.

A mismatch results in disharmony and friction.

Usage of excess of synthetic and manmade artificial elements creates static electricity and poisonous gases in our living space.

A well planned and appropriate usage of natural elements creates a sense of balance, harmony, naturalness. Thus peace, love, harmony flows naturally in homes.

Creativity, enthusiasm, high energy levels flows effectively at work places.
Productivity, Harmony and Profitability rises effortlessly without high levels of stress. The positive environment thus created makes it a most desirable company to work for.

It is not the size of the place that matters, the placement of natural elements matters.


Despite all the technological developments selecting an appropriate vacant land or constructed premise is simply a Herculean task.

Getting n appropriate place as per the objective is half the battle won.

How do you know what is in store for you when you buy or lease a new premise

Will you succeed or fail, be happy or unhappy?
Does the premise have any negative energy?

Since 2004 we have been assessing and evaluating properties of all kinds and giving our unbiased opinions.

Individuals, businessmen, companies, corporate, builders, developers rely on our assessment services to take a final decision. Our reports are factual, to the point and serve as a guideline for further action.


Solving Property Disputes
Revival of Sick Industries
Protection of Vacant Premises from Theft and Intrusion
Solutions for Personal matters related to marriage, progency, education, career, business, wellness , domestic harmony etc

The Vastu Assessment Process

Cardinal directions mapping on the map
Finding missing areas from the shape of property
Analyzing the external environment
Detection & Quantification of Geopathic Stress
Identification of Negative energies inside the premises
Evaluating the utility of internal space
Assessing all the internal furniture and objects and presence of toxicity


On-Site Consultation
Off-Site Consultation
One time Consultation
Project Consultation
Turnkey Consultation


Signature Analysis
Analysis and Selection of Logos as per Vastu Shastra : www.vastulogos.in
Names & Numbers Consultations
Pendulum Dowsing & Intuitive Readings
Wish manifestation for acquiring new property, sale of property, resolving property dispute, purchase or lease



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