Perfect Vastu Consultancy is all about you leading a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life at home and work place.

We analyze the land and the earth on which your house is built. We take into account the nature, the directions, the various energies inside, outside the homes so that we can create balance and harmony.

Now let us understand what is Vastu and the Earth energies, how it influences your life and how you can fulfill your life dreams and aspirations.

What is Vastu

Vastu is all about a happy and healthy living.

The primary focus is in adopting and harnessing the natural elements like water, fire, air, earth and space and directions to create positive energy.

The colors, shapes, forms, designs, patterns all affect us emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. By blending all these in our living as per the usage we attain prosperity.

Hence Vastu is a holistic science, an alternative architecture which was written thousands of years ago so that one may attain happiness and prosperity.

By adopting these principles as laid down in the books of Vastu Shastra one can design and create homes and work places to fulfill our dreams and objectives.


But what about the land on which we build our houses and work places ? The land too must radiate from its core, positive and healthy energy for us to enjoy a disease free life.

However, many times this radiation becomes contaminated for various reasons.

The land becomes “DISEASED ‘’ due to GEOPATHIC STRESS

When one resides, sleeps and work on areas which is Geopathic Stress land it is only natural for one to fall ill and have unhealthy mind and emotions.


To look into these aspects, I, Dr. Sunil S. Harlalkaa , established “Perfect Vastu Consultancy” in 2004 in Mumbai, India with an aim to provide my holistic services all over the world.

My work consists of rebalancing the energies of a person, the property and the land.

Energy is invisible, but it is the feeling we have when entering a property, either a happy, welcoming one, or it's a feeling of heaviness and you can't wait to 'get out'.

Most of my assessment is done by usage of cosmic, scientific & modern assessment gadgets like

Lecher Antenna
Universal Scanner

With the help of these equipments I am able to dowse and check the vastu and geopathic stress of any location without physically visiting the site. All I need your complete postal address and map and with my intuitive abilities and techniques I will be able to check the vastu and geopathic stress present in your premise.

List of Projects done so far:-

I have covered a lot of different types of projects all over the world. Some of them include;

Builders projects – Residential & Commercial
Industrial Units
Residential Flats, Bungalows, Farm Houses
Educational Institutions - Schools
Retail outlets
Film production houses

National Locations served:-


International Locations served

Abu Dhabhi

Trainings and Certifications

Self Training & updating my knowledge and skills is another forte. Armed with new techniques, processes and products keeps me abreast with the latest happenings. It helps me to serve my clients better.

Some of my certifications include:-

Certificate Training cum Workshop on Geo, Cosmic and Karmic Empowerment Systems by Sixth Sense Knowledge Academy
Certificate Workshop on Journey with Crystals by Tarminder Manchanda
Certificate Workshop on Psychic Intuitive Training by Dr. Laila Ahmed
Certificate Workshop on Pyramid Vastu by Dr. Jiten Bhatt

Certificate Workshop on Pendulum Dowsing & Advanced Dowsing by School of Indian Dowsers and Geomancy

Diploma in Naturopathy through Nature Cure Institute
Certificate Course in Meta-Medicine by International Meta Medicine Association
Certificate Training Workshop in Leed V4 Integrative Design and Construction Program


Member of Indian Institute of Interior Designers

Registered as a Naturopath with the Council for Natural Medicine, Lucknow


Master in Geopathic Stress par Excellence by ISSHMA World Foundation in the year 2015


Both companies and individuals have looked upon me to provide: simple, effective solutions and remedial measures for their problems.

It has been my sincere attempt to satisfy the needs of my clientele in the shortest possible time. Maintaining client confidentiality, timely reverts and support services has always been my forte.

Having exposure to large corporate world, I have always focused to meet the standard of work as expected. Several overseas travel, dealing with various nationalities is also done with grace and understanding.

So contact me and explore on how you too can enjoy life to the maximum and fulfill your dreams and aspirations.


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